Book1 The Island of Survival Book 2: Sun & Rain Book 3: The Island of Pleasure (Vol 1) Book 4: The Island of Pleasure (Vol 2) Book 5: Rise & Fall Book 6: The Island of Esteem Book 7: The Faron Show Book 8: The Island of Love
The Island of Serenity
Pierre-Alain James ‘Faron’ Ferguson is about to commit suicide, in his suicide note he attempts to understand how he has come to have wrecked not only his own life, but also all of those around him. Pierre-Alain James ‘Faron’ Ferguson finds himself in a type of ‘no-mans-land’, between here and there, he must accept to visit the 7 islands before he will be allowed to continue on to his next steps. The islands are named; Survival, Pleasure, Esteem, Love, Expression, Insight and lastly, the Island of Serenity. Pierre-Alain James ‘Faron’ Ferguson has left a will; all the important persons from his life have been summoned to the reading of his testament. They are informed that there exists substantial amounts of money and property, which they will be entitled to a share of, but only, and after, all of them accept to welcome into their lives, on every level, the bearded, quietly spoken monk present at the reunion.  As all of them have already had their lives ruined by Pierre-Alain, they hesitate to accept the offer, but, maybe, with the help of this mysterious stranger, just maybe, they could   turn their lives around …
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