The Island of Serenity
Rise and Fall - Island of Serenity Book 5 In this the 5th book of the series, we watch as Faron grows from an adolescent into a young, driven man. He begins by escaping to New York, before starting his University career, finding back his two school, best friends, Duncan and Mike. After graduating, the three find themselves setting up a business, manufacturing, buying and importing goods from Indonesia. Success seems to be just around the corner, but Faron cannot help himself. Bitterness and betrayal, hound him like a hungry dog. To destroy, his own best friend, is not an act to take lightly, but take it, he does. And what of Angelique, and his daughter Aideen? He is still emotionally entangled, but is that a good thing, or a very bad thing? Only time will tell.
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