REMEMBER Stories and poems for self-help and self-development based on techniques of Ericksonian and auto-hypnosis Dusk falls, the world shrinks little by little into a smaller and smaller circle as  the light continues to diminish. The centre of this world is illuminated by a small, crackling sun; the flames  dance, and the rough faces of the people gathered there are lit by the fire of  their expectations.  The old man will begin to speak, he will explain to them how the world is, how  it was, how it was created. He will help them understand how things have a  sense, an order, a way that they need to be.  He will clarify the sources of un-wellness and unhappiness, what is sickness,  where it comes from, how to notice it and… how to heal it.  To heal the sick, he will call forth the forces of the invisible realms, maybe he  will sing, certainly he will talk, and talk, and talk.  Since the beginning of time we have gathered round those who can bring us the answers to our questions and the means to alleviate our sufferings. This practice has not fundamentally changed since the earliest times; in every  era, continent and culture we have found and continue to find these experiences.  In this, amongst the oldest of the healing traditions, he has succeeded to meld  modern therapy theories and techniques with stories and poems of the highest  quality. With much humanity, clinical vignettes, common sense and lots of humour, the reader is gently carried from situation to situation. Whether the problems described concern you directly, indirectly or not at all, you will surely find interest and benefits from the wealth of insights and advices contained within and the conscious or unconscious positive changes through reading the stories and poems.
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