The Island of Serenity
Part 1. Faron finds himself in a past version of Venice, as the owner of an old but grand hotel that doubles as the meeting place for the wealthy men of the City and the high-class escort girls that live in the establishment. Faron can do anything that he likes without limitation or cost. Not only can he avail himself of the girls, but can eat and drink, without limit, but never suffer from a hangover, nor gain a gram. So why has the enigmatic guide brought him here, and will his limitless access to life’s offerings really bring him the pleasure that he is destined to experience?
Part 2. Faron is transformed into an adolescent tom boy. In this more modern version of Venice, 'he' has just 7 days to be made into a high-class escort girl. What does this experience and the intrigues of the other persons within his sphere, mean for him, on his continuing quest to understand, and to experience, Pleasure?
The Island of Pleasure - The Island of Serenity Book 3 Vol 1 Venice
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