Children’s Books / Educational
Although the stories have been written to be amusing for both children and adults alike, they have several other intentions integrated into them. These stories often introduce a question of morals or appropriate behaviour, which can then be discussed and reflected on with the child or children. All versions of each story use, (as much as possible), the same words and pictures, hence each level builds directly on the one before, to help the child learning to read. Multilingual audio and video supports are also planned.
Peter the Pixie’s Perfect Learning System Each Peter the Pixie story exists in 5 levels of difficult; ‘I Can Colour’ (Colouring book with very simplified text), ‘I Can Read’, (Simplified text), ‘I am Reading’ ‘I Read Alone, (Intermediate Level), & ‘Read To Me’, (Full text). As well as a number of bilingual versions at the ‘I Can Read’ level.