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In this, the first of the series of the Tales of Peter the Pixie. Here we are introduced to Peter the innocent, honest, young pixie, and his friends; Elli, the, ‘much older then she looks’, modest but powerful Fairy, Timothy, the old, trustworthy, Toad and the, ever so noble, Fire Dragon. We see how Peter first arrives in the forest, his meeting with the forest folk, and then his first encounters with the three very different creatures, who will then become the very best of friends. Told in a classical children’s story style; Peter and his friends, meet all kinds of creatures and situations. As with all children, Peter is often confronted with experiences that he does not know how best to deal with,
and he often reacts in ways that are not the most appropriate. Fortunately; with the help of his good friends, good will and common sense, everything always turns out for the best.
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