The Island of Serenity
ILe Morte D’Arthur - Island of Serenity Book 7: The Island of Esteem pt2 In this second and concluding volume of the Island of Esteem, we follow Al, as he continues to demonstrate to Faron, just what it means to be a hero. Lancelot still is troubled by his past and present inability to impose himself, in any situation other than battle. We get to understand how it was that Lancelot was forgiven by Guinevere, and why Arthur accepted to call on his help to retrieve the Uffington sceptre.
And how and why Al, chose and succeeded to steal it. Also, how and why, he will be motivated to steal it, not just a second, but also a third time. We follow the magical manipulations of Merlin and Morgan le Fey. And finally, what happens to Lancelot and Al, before, during and after the final battle between Arthur and Mordred.
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