Adventures with the Master Dhargey was a sickly child or so his parents treated him. He was too weak to join the army or work in the fields or even join the monastery as a normal trainee monk. To explain to the ‘Young Master’ why he should be accepted into the order with a lightened program, he was forced to accompany the revered old man a little ways up the mountain.   As his parents watched him leave; somewhere they felt that they would never see their sickly, fragile boy ever again, somewhere they were totally right. He was a happy, healthy seven year old until he witnessed the riders, dressed in red and black, destroying his village and murdering his parents; the trauma cut deep into his psyche. Only the chance meeting with a wandering monk could set him back onto the road towards health and serenity.  Through meditation, initiations, stories, taming wild horses, becoming a monkey, mastering the staff and the sword; the future ‘Young Master’ prepares to face his greatest demon. Two men, two journeys, one goal.
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